What is Tringdad?

Tringdad brings you the largest live online educational services platform for the CAIE. Now learn what you want, when you want, how you want and for how much you want. You can get numerous services from primary level upto the advanced level. Tringdad protects your payment and you can always have a refund. You now have thousands of services to select from while having mental peace and sense of security.

Tringdad puts an end to all the barriers and unwanted situations and offers a complete solution for everything related to the CAIE. You get the right service, within budget, the way you want and just about whenever you want.

Check the video out to understand the entire process

What type of courses can I get?

Here on Tringdad you can get just about anything related to the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). There are no barriers, restrictions or limitation for you in getting any services. Below is a small list of services that you can find here on Tringdad.

Hourly, Weekly & Monthly Tuition

Homework Help

Exam Practice

Syllabus Guidance

Exam Materials

Career Advice

Special Assistance

Consultancy Services

Recorded Video Lectures

Order status and its meaning

There are certain order status terms that you need to be aware of :

1) Failed : This means that your payment was unsuccessful or due to some other reason your order didn't processed sucessfully.
2) Pending : This means that instructor is waiting for a response from your end.
2) Processing : This means that instructor is now working on your order.
3) Complete Accept : This means that instructor is waiting for you to complete the order. This is when instructor has already provided the service.
4) Completed: This status you will see when you have approved and confirmed the order.
5) Declined : This is a situation that you will rarely deal with. However this means that due to some reason instructor is unable to take your order.
6) Refunded : Due to whatever is the reason a refund is required. Our team will process the refund and your order status will be shown as refunded.

Payments and refunds

You can pay via Credit or Debit Cards alongwith PayPal. There might be various other payment methods available at the time of checkout depending upon your region.

We make sure, you and your payments are always secure. We never release payment to the instructors until you are satisfied. Your payment is always on hold with Tringdad until your final approval. Moreover all your transactions are processed by a 3rd party PCI DSS complaint payment processor to make sure all your transactions are processed safely.

In case of any problem with the order, there is nothing to worry about. Tringdad is always on your back. We are always up for refunds and will make sure to offer you better service next time.

Got more questions?

We have got a detailed FAQ section for your assistance. Moreover, you can contact us via 24/7 live chat or phone service. Also you can reach us via contact form or even you can drop us an email at [email protected] Our super caring support team will help you happily.