Payment and refund policy

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Payment and Refund Policy

Welcome to TringDad (“the Company”).


Tringdad offers you to make payment via several online and offline payment options. Online payments are not processed on our website and we do not store your credit card details. All the payments are processed via 3rd party PCI DSS compliant payment processor. To know more about the payment processor, you can visit the site here :

As far as offline payments are concerned, we offer Bank transfer as our main offline option but we do offer other options like Western Union, Check and at times other options which is solely for your convenience.

Any problem in making the payment is directly managed by either your bank or the payment processor. Tringdad does not take any responsibility of any mistake that is done from you end and could make a loss for you.

Refund Policy

Tringdad do not offer any refunds at any cost until we decide to refund you the amount due to any issue that is from our side. Apart from this we have a straight forwards and clear policy that we will not offer refund at any cost.

You may contact us at [email protected]  .

Effective as of 15 August 2017.