What is Tringdad?

Tringdad brings you the largest live online educational services platform for the CAIE. Tringdad has created a revolutionary new opportunity for Instructors to earn while being their own boss. You can now teach on hourly, weekly or monthly basis or even offer homework help, exam practice and whatever you like. We are not only limited to live online tuition or courses but here you can also sell your ebooks, notes, video lectures, solved questions or just about anything you wish to. Moreover you can guide students abput career and subject related queries and charge for your time.

Tringdad's platform is pretty easy to use. This means even if you have a pretty basic knowledge in technology, you will be able operate everything here on tringdad quite easily. Check out some amazing benefits of Tringdad

How to create a course

All About Orders

There are certain order status terms that you need to be aware of :

1) Failed : This means that course payment was unsuccessful or due to some other reason the order didn't processed sucessfully.
2) Pending : You have to update the order status to 'Pending' if there is some input required from students side in order to begin with the course
2) Processing : This is the status to be updated when you have started working on your order.
4) Completed: This status you will update when you have completed your course offering.
5) Declined : This is a situation that should rarely take place. However if due to any reason you are unable to take an order. You can update the order status to 'Decline'
6) Refunded : Due to whatever is the reason a refund is required. Our team will process the refund and the order status will be shown as refunded.

What can be offered

Here on Tringdad you can offer just about anything related to the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). There are no barriers, restrictions or limitation for you in offering your services. You just have to make sure they are relevant; as before making your course live, our team verifies it first. Anyways, below is a small list of services that can be offered to the students.

Hourly, Weekly & Monthly Tuition

Homework Help

Exam Practice

Syllabus Guidance

Exam Materials

Career Advice

Special Assistance

Consultancy Services

Recorded Video Lectures

About platform

By using cutting edge technologies, Tringdad has created a live online education platform where you can offer your services online to the CAIE students. There are various different categories and service types to select from. You will be offering your amazing services in form of courses. Its nothing too difficult. It just takes 2 minutes to create your very first and experience the revolution.

From creating a course to chatting with students and conducting your online session. Tringdad has everything well developed with ease of use. This means that everything required for your success is just within tringdad.

Payments and withdrawals

Once a students purchases your course, your order will be processed. You will then get in touch with the learner and offer your service. Once the service os offered completely, you can update the course status to "Completed". Student will then have a couple of days to accept your completion request. Once the student approves the course completion or the days have passed without any action from the student's end. Your course will then be completed and you will be able to see your earning in the payments section for withdrawal

Afterwards, you can withdraw your earnings directly to yout bank account or any of the available withdrawal options which suits you.

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