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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I register? Also are there any legal and lengthy requirements?

Fill out the registration form here and than you just have to pay the registration fee of $50 via available payment methods. After the payment your registration will automatically be confirmed. This means we will not waste your time on documentations at all.

What to do after I have paid for the registration?

Once you have made the payment, you will be automatically registered in the plan you have selected to enroll. After that, sooner or later, but before 17/12/2017 our support team will contact you and will ask for the subjects you wish to enroll in.

Can I register later? What is the deadline?

Registering later is a bit risky because seats are limited for each course and once they are occupied registration for that particular subject will end and after that you will not be able to register. As for exact deadline for registration, it will be 17/12/2017.

Can I take trial before registering at Tringdad?

We do not offer trials but don't worry we have lecture demo videos available on the website here. So you will have a clear vision how your online sessions will be conducted and what type of faculty we have.

Can I know who are the instructors?

Yes of course you can have a look of your subject teacher, his biography along with his experience. To know more about your subject instructor please Click Here

When will I have to pay for the monthly sessions?

Your monthly payments will start once our support team will contact you and ask for your subjects. This is likely to be done before the registration ends and registration will end at 17/12/2017.

When will the online sessions begin?

Online session is expected to start soon after the registration ends and we will be in touch with you and registered students will be provided with a proper timetable so you don't have to worry about anything at all.

How will lecture be conducted?

Online sessions will take place via one of the Worlds most finest webinar platform available so video quality, voice quality and screen sharing will all be amazing and the best part is we will bare all the expenses.

What if I have missed the lecture?

Nothing to worry at all. Lecture recording will be provided to you soon after the session ends.

How many teaching hours will be there monthly?

There will be 5 hours classes every week so total monthly direct teaching hours will be 20.

What if the timetable is not suitable for me?

Timetable will be set keeping in mind that from which region we have majority of our students from. So its very likely that timetable will suit you but in case it doesn't than you have to manage a little but mentioning again that lecture recording will be there in your hand even if you were unable to attend the online session. One very important thing to mention here that because we are already getting massive amount of student's interest, it is highly likely that we will have batches. This means you can join the batch whose timetable suits you.

In which days will the online classes be conducted?

Every Thursday and Friday one hour classes will be conducted so even if you miss a lecture due to week days busy schedule, loss is negligible (If we are not keeping in mind that class recording will be available, since after class recording,  loss is nothing). Moreover there will be 1.5 hours classes conducted on Saturday and Sunday to give you maximum convenience. This means most of the classes are in weekends.

How will I get instructor's support? How can you prepare us for the best grades?

We have taken a big step towards effective modern education. All our sessions conducted will be interactive so you can get your queries solved during the class. Moreover you will get instructor's support after the class via email or live chat room. Now comes how can we prepare you for the best grades? Apart from having experienced and distinguished faculty from all over the World, instructor's will give you weekly assignments every Sunday. He will then check and tell you the ways you can improve and what you are lacking. Still not enough? Instructor will also take monthly assessments to again get you prepared and guide you about the problems. This makes us unique because we are not just teaching you but we are preparing you for the best grades.

How will all the subject students interact with each other?

We will have a live chat room of every subject in which you will enroll, This live chat room will be managed by the instructor but with a strong check by us.

How many students will there be in the class?

No more then 30 students in a class.

How can I pay for registration and my monthly fee?

There are two ways you can pay us. You can use either online payment options or offline payment option. We accept Credit and Debit Cards along with PayPal as online payment methods and we accept Bank Transfer as an offline payment option. Students from Europe, United Kingdom and Pakistan can pay via local bank transfer and rest can pay us via International bank transfer. To pay offline Click Here.

Can I pay via Cheque or Western Union?

Yes, you can pay via cheque and Western Union but for that you have to contact our support department at [email protected] and we will make special arrangements for you. For cheque payments and Western Union both, we will collect advance payment of all four months along with registration fee else you will be charged extra fees every month if you wish to pay monthly.

I have paid online. Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, your credit card information is 100% secure since we use a 3rd party payment processor which is PCI DSS compliant. Moreover we do not store credit cards neither we process on our end so you are 100% safe. If you still fear, please visit our payment processor's official website here.

I am unable to pay via any of the method listed on your site?

You can contact our support department at [email protected] or you can fill in the contact form here and our support department will be more than happy to assist you and we will try our level best to see you as a part of our modern online education system.

Can I get a refund of the registration fee or monthly fee because I have changed my plan?

Registration fee is non refundable at any cost and so the monthly fee.